GCSE Coursework Tips

Coursework Tips

If you are a candidate for the General Certificate of Secondary Education; one thing you probably know for a fact is that how well you master your GCSE coursework is the main factor that will go into determining how well you do in your GCSE examination when it finally comes.

There are a number of things you can do to enhance your mastery of your GCSE coursework, and thereby increase your chances of succeeding at the examination when it finally comes your way.

As a first step towards good mastery of your GCSE coursework, and this is something that every success guru will agree with if you were to ask them is the simple act of making up your mind that you want to succeed in your GCSE, specifying what success in GCSE means for you (in terms of grade and mark); and putting that goal in writing. This simple step of specifying what it is that you want makes injects focus in the rest of the process towards succeeding in your GCSE work; while also giving you basis for motivation in your work – seeing that the rest of the steps that will be involved in the journey will call for considerable inputs of effort – and you might find yourself lacking the energy to put in that effort if you happen to lack in internal motivation.

Having worked out what success in your GCSE for you means, and put that goal into writing, the next step towards success in good coverage of your GCSE coursework would be making an effort to know what good coverage of the GCSE coursework exactly means in your case; which you can do by making an effort to get access to and go through the GCSE coursework syllabus. Having seen the syllabus, and understood what good coverage is expected of you by it, you then need to create a plan around it; a comprehensive plan that will see every item in it covered by the time your GCSE examination comes. Make reasonable allowances of time, to cater for the interruptions to your schedule that are bound to come your way as you go about studying for your GCSE as per the plan. Don’t head straight into studying for your GCSE while ignoring this planning step, because as the popular adage goes, failing to plan is definitely planning to fail by default.

Plan in place, the next step towards successful coverage of your GCSE coursework will of course be the implementation of that plan in your study. It is best to start studying for your GCSE as far away from the examination (time-wise) as possible; rather than make last time rushed preparations. Assess yourself honestly, and try to work out how many ‘readings’ it takes for you to understand a concept – and then make an effort to study each of the units required for your GCSE coursework those many times.

For further self assessment purposes, make an effort to do past GCSE questions on every unit you cover; and if you experience difficulties in doing the questions, then chances are that your coverage of that particular units is not good enough, and you need to go through it once again – till you master it well enough to ace the questions with ease

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