About North Essex Tutors

At North Essex Tutors we ensure that all our tutors are fully qualified and trained to national standards. Our tutors have a wide range of experience working in schools so they are able to adapt their teaching to suit the needs of individual students.

We aim to be as flexible as possible to fit in with the requirements of the student and their families.

After the initial contact your details will be passed on to a tutor who will contact you within 24 hours under normal circumstances.

It is then up to you to explain your needs to the tutor and negotiate a suitable time and place for the lessons. Tutors can either visit the student or arrange for the student to come to them, whichever is most convenient.

There is no contract and lessons are arranged as required by the student and can be cancelled or rearranged at any time as long as a reasonable period of notice is given (usually 24 hours).

In the event that a tutor has to rearrange a lesson then at least 24 hours notice will be given..

To arrange an appointment or to discuss your requirements further call 01787 469 527 or 077976 138 189.